(Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)   Primary Research Projects

  1. Remediation of the UC Riverside collection of Aphytis (Heraty, Pinto & Triapitsyn) Supported by NSF - DEB 97-28626. [Aphytis page]

  2. Web catalog of the World species of Encarsia (Woolley & Heraty) [catalogue]

  3. Printed catalog of the World species of Encarsia (Heraty & Woolley) [Encarsia.cat.pdf]

  4. Revisionary studies of the Encarsia strenua group (Heraty & A. Polaszek)

  5. Molecular systematics of Encarsia (Heraty & C. Babcock) [Chris/encarsia2.html]

  6. Molecular and morphological study of Aphytis (Jung-Wook Kim and Heraty) [Aphytis]

  7. World revision of Azotinae (J. Munro and Heraty) [Azotinae]


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January 17, 2003