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Upper face and vertex densely setose
; posterior margin of eye bordered by carinate rim. Face and mesosomal dorsum smooth. Transverse frontal groove \_/ shaped; scrobal grooves reaching transverse groove before meeting. Flagellar formula 1,3,2. Mesoscutal midlobe with 2 pairs of setae; axillar-scutellar border with anterior pit; posterior edge of prepectus partially overlapped by an  extension of mesepisternum set off dorsally by a sulcus; epicnemial carina absent. Postmarginal and stigmal veins subequal in length. Propodeum nearly featureless except for long setae and anterior tooth extending towards metanotum.

alachua face.JPG (23390 bytes) alachua profile.JPG (19108 bytes)
1a-b: Alachua face (left), and profile (right)

alachua mesosoma.JPG (23254 bytes) alachua mesopleuron.JPG (18910 bytes)
2a-b: Alachua mesosomal dorsum (left), and pleuron (right), with mesepisternal projection indicated

alachua propodeum.JPG (15786 bytes)
3a: Alachua propodeum

Biology: Gregarious pupal parasitoid of Camponotus abdominalis (F.) [Formicidae].

Comments: 1 described species: A. floridensis Schauff & Boucek. In a clade with Horismenus and Edovum, but easily distinguished from them by the lack of reticulate sculpturing and paucity of carinae and grooves.

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Schauff, M.E. 1991. The Holarctic genera of Entedoninae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae). Contributions of the American Entomological Institute 26.

Schauff, M.E. & Z. Boucek. 1987. Alachua floridensis, a new genus and species of Entedoninae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) parasitic on the Florida carpenter ant, Camponotus abdominalis (Formicidae). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington. 89: 660-664.

Image credits: 1a-b, 2a, 3a: Schauff & Boucek (1987). 2b: Schauff (1991).