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10. Large pit present on dorsal part of axillar-scutellar suture (a1, a2). Pronotal collar anteriorly carinate, vertex not sharply margined posteriorly (a2). Propodeum with a median raised flat strip (a1) instead of a median carina, and scutellum with a median groove in most species. Transverse frontal groove \_/ shaped, with scrobal grooves meeting it separately.

Horismenus Walker, 1843

10'. Axillar-scutellar suture without pit (do not confuse it with a pit sometimes present at the top of the axillula, which is further ventrad from this area). Pronotal collar, vertex, face, and scutellum variable, but rarely as above in combination. Propodeum rarely with a flat raised strip.

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horismenus bennetti scutellum.JPG (20676 bytes) edovum mesosoma.JPG (17760 bytes)

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Image credits: a1: Schauff (1987). aa1, b1, bb1: Schauff (1991).