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25. Scrobal grooves not extending below toruli in many species, frequently very distant from each other in middle or ventrally. Face in most species with a characteristic cross-ridge between toruli and mouth (a1); when collapsed, face not collapsing below toruli. Clypeus either outlined by sutures, or cross-ridge present, or with convex apical margin. Male genitalia with volsellar setae grossly enlarged (b1, b2: s) in nearly all species, sometimes visible on ventral side of genitalia without slide-mounting (b3--volsellae indicated with arrow on whole mount).

Omphale Haliday, 1833

25'. Scrobal grooves extending below toruli (aa1). Face without a cross-ridge between toruli and mouth, and clypeus, if indicated at all, very small and not longer than broad. Face, when collapsed, impressed along midline from near mouth to frontal fork. Male genitalia with volsellae not enlarged.

couplet 26


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Image credits: a1, b1-2: Hansson (1996a).