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26. Scrobal grooves projecting ventrally below toruli (a1); occiput (b1: of) with median furrow. Flagellum with 4 funicular segments and 1 claval segment. Postmarginal vein shorter to only slightly longer than stigmal vein (c1); 2-3 rows of setae sometimes radiating from stigma.

Asecodes Förster, 1856

26'. If scrobal grooves projecting ventrally below toruli (only in Chrysocharis (Zaommomyia) and Neochrysocharis) then antennal club 2- or 3-segmented or postmarginal vein 1.6x or more stigmal vein length. Occiput usually without median furrow (present in some Closterocerus, Achrysocharoides, Ionympha, and Neochrysocharis, and others if head is collapsed). Forewing never with more than 1 row of setae radiating from stigma, usually with none.

couplet 27



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Image credits: a1, c1, cc1: Schauff (1991). b1: Hansson (1996b).