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Euplectrus Westwood, 1832 comparative info return to: prev home
Eyes not setose under normal (up to 50x) magnification. Upper face with strong, erect setae; malar sulcus absent. Pronotal collar carinate [except in some small males], at least 3x broader than long in dorsal view; notauli complete; mesoscutal midlobe with 4 pairs of strong setae; notauli complete; scutellum smooth or with at most some faint impressed sculpture, without submedian or sublateral grooves/carinae. Propodeum with median carina that may have an anterior split or cup. Petiole quadrate to longer than broad. 2 greatly elongate metatibial spurs. Head and mesosoma largely black, with legs and antennae light-colored (yellowish to whitish). Compare with: Platyplectrus.

euplectrus.JPG (26536 bytes)euplectrus scutellum.JPG (23757 bytes)
1a-b: Euplectrus dorsal view (left), and scutellum (right)

Biology: Parasitoids of Lepidoptera; larvae spin cocoons.

Comments: Large genus.

Comparative information:

Platyplectrus: Pronotum without differentiated collar, or if faint carina present then it is weak and in the anterior half of the always gradually sloping propodeum, so that the "collar" is always much less than 3x broader than long in dorsal view. Scutellum usually with sublateral grooves or carinae; strongly sculpted, typically rugulose.

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Image credits: 1a: Boucek (1988). 1b: Schauff, et al. (1997).